Drumming Is An Extension of Yourself

Drumming is an extension of one’s true self.  It is a source of release.  It is a way to let go and create simultaneously.  There is no real right or wrong in drumming.  There are certain techniques and approaches that can help your efficiency and endurance though.  Your playing is personal.  It represents part of who you are. This is true because drumming exists in the world of expression.  You create sound which exists only as it is heard instantaneously.  Live expressions are true to where you are physically, mentally, and spiritually at that given moment.  How you choose to play, is how you choose to express.  Any emotion you feel may come out in your playing.  Positive or negative, energized or lethargic, simple or complex.  It is simply a direct reflection.  That is why I believe it’s important to listen to a wide variety of music.  Music is mood.  If you are feeling happy and positive you will probably want to listen to something that reflects those feelings.  If you are feeling upset you will probably choose something more pensive or dark.  I have learned to appreciate certain styles of music that I thought I wouldn’t like.  There is so much incredible recorded music out there that goes unheard.  Popular music is great.  It’s popular…  There are so many artists that don’t fit the pop mold and never receive the respect they deserve.