There comes a time in music where the drummer gets some.  The fill, yes the glorious marking of the cadence.  A fill in the song can help propel the band from verse to chorus or start the song off right, or mark any type of cadence.  A good fill should serve a purpose.  Good placement is important.  Your fellow band members might get a bit upset if you start soloing in the middle of a vocal feature!  Most often a fill is used to mark the end of a section of a song.

Sometimes fills are used set up a change in tempo, or feel.  For ex:  1 + 2 + — 1 tita 2 tita.  Other times a fill will help set up a kick with the band, or a dynamic change.  By keeping the function of the fill in mind your drumming will become more musical.

Your fill will set the volume and energy level of the band.  It’s not always what or how much you play, but how you play it.  More is less.  It’s most important to remember that  your fill should fit in with the context and tempo of the song.